White House Only Responds to Justice Thomas’ Illness After Being Prodded

White House Only Responds to Justice Thomas' Illness After Being Prodded

(RepublicanDaily.org) – On Sunday, March 20, news broke that Justice Clarence Thomas of the US Supreme Court was in the hospital with an unspecified illness. The 73-year-old reportedly has flu-like symptoms, but not COVID-19. You might imagine this would be somewhat disturbing news for officials at every level of government; however, the Biden administration appears unperturbed.

On Monday, the day after news of Thomas’ illness broke, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held her regular press briefing. She did not make a statement about the judge’s condition. In fact, she did not mention Clarence Thomas at all until 13 minutes into the questions-and-answers portion of the briefing, when Elizabeth Schulze of ABC inquired whether the White House had made contact with the judge.

Psaki said she wasn’t aware of any contact between White House officials and Clarence Thomas or his family. She quickly wished him well in his recovery and extended her sympathies to his family.

Conservative analysts were quick to point out the strangeness of Psaki’s omission. Some opined she should have opened her briefing with a statement about the situation and an update on the judge’s condition. Others questioned whether the approach might have been different if Justice Thomas were a Democratic appointee.

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