White House Gates Stormed by Pro-Palestine Protestors

(RepublicanDaily.org) – When the U.S. House of Representatives voted to dismiss Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to censure Democratic Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib, many, Republicans included, objected to the word “insurrection” in her motion.

Greene was referring to a lightning protest held in the Capitol last month where more than 300 protesters were arrested after occupying the Cannon Rotunda on Capitol grounds. Those who objected to the term said that the protest was largely peaceful and largely different from the infamous January 6 storming of the Capitol.

Greene has reintroduced the motion, but has changed the terminology in her filing.

However, that may change again as thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the White House itself recently – or attempted to – defacing one of the building’s gates with red paint as they shook it violently. One video of the incident even shows one of the protesters climbing the gate and managing to get halfway up.

“**** (President) Joe Biden,” “Allahu akbar,” “Cease-fire now!” “Free, free Palestine,” the protesters screamed. Participants in the gathering also did not spare the nearby Lafayette Park from their vandalism, covering the General Marquis de Lafayette Statue in the park with graffiti and Palestinian flags. The protesters were ostensibly rallying against the Biden Administration’s continued support of Israel as the Jewish state continues its retaliation against terrorist group Hamas for its devastating October 7 attacks.

Officials from the White House were largely mum on the rally, with the U.S. Secret Service only saying that the “attempted gate trespass” by protesters was “handled without incident” by White House security officers and support teams. However, no arrests were made by Secret Service officers.

The protest was part of a massive pro-Palestinian march held throughout the city recently, with some protesters committing vandalism and destruction of property. Washington D.C. police made only one arrest, but said that they are conducting investigations of other incidents of destruction of property.

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