White House Doctors Kamala Harris Transcript

White House Doctors Kamala Harris Transcript

(RepublicanDaily.org) – It’s no secret that Vice President Kamala Harris is as gaffe-prone as politicians come. Since the beginning of the Biden administration, she has found herself tongue-tied in front of the press on multiple occasions. Now, it appears the White House is actually trying to alter the records of the vice president’s most recent slip.

On Saturday, March 12, Harris addressed the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Winter Meeting. She gave a lengthy speech covering a number of areas. While discussing Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, she made one comment that raised the eyebrows of analysts, as it implied she thought Ukraine was a part of NATO. You can see and hear for yourself in the video below.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO. In fact, one of the main talking points around the conflict has been its non-membership. It desperately wants to join, but Russia wants it to stay out of the alliance and that’s been a major point of contention in its aggressions.

Following Harris’ speech, the White House published a transcript of her remarks. However, unlike media outlets that also produced transcripts of her speech, the White House included an “[and]” in the offending sentence about Ukraine and NATO, implying the vice president intended to include the word. The White House transcript fundamentally changes the meaning of what Harris said, creating the impression she spoke of NATO and Ukraine as two separate entities.

Do you think this was a cover-up by the White House?

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