What Recounts and Court Cases Really Mean to the Election

What Recounts and Court Cases Really Mean to the Election

(RepublicanDaily.org) – There have been many discussions about possible challenges to the results of the Tuesday, November 3, presidential election. With the emergence of allegations of mismanagement of postal ballots and potential voter, it appears certain there will be a re-examination of the initial results.

Recounts are likely in any state where the difference between the candidates was small. We may see court cases in states where ballots were lost or where results may have been deliberately altered.


There does not have to be a suspicion of wrongdoing for a recount to take place. Mistakes happen, and recounting is the only way to make sure the vote numbers are accurate in a close race. There were several vote recounts in Florida after the infamous Bush/Gore election of 2000.

Each state has different laws on recounts. In Pennsylvania, votes must automatically be recounted if there is half a percentage point or less between the candidates. The required margin in Wisconsin is a full point (or less), but there must also be some suspicion of a mistake.

Candidates can also apply for a recount if they feel the situation merits it. In Michigan, for example, candidates may apply for a recount based on a “good-faith belief” that they lost the vote because of some mistake or wrongdoing.

Legal Challenges

If recounts are not decisive, this election may end up in court. President Trump’s team filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia on Wednesday, bringing the total number of election-related suits to over 230.

These cases revolve around the handling of mail-in ballots and the rules around the observation of counting procedures. A judge in Pennsylvania already ruled that observers should be allowed to examine counting procedures from a distance of 6 feet, rather than the previous figure of 20.

It has been a hectic week in the world of politics, and it’s currently unclear as to what course of action either candidate will take concerning recounts or legal challenges. It appears unlikely we will know the identity of our next president for at least several days.

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