Watters Mocks Biden Over Beach Photographs

(RepublicanDaily.org) – President Biden spent the past weekend relaxing on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware near his home with his wife Jill and granddaughter Finnegan. Biden was photographed shirtless reading a book as Jill sat beside him, while Finnegan was nearby.

Jesse Watters of Fox News did some investigation into what he called the “humiliating” sight of a shirtless Biden, joking that his wife Jill Biden “didn’t look” like Jill Biden and might be another woman. Watters also slammed Biden for missing out on a meeting he was supposed to attend regarding NATO in Vilnius, Lithuania, and said Biden is likely just too tired and “pooped” to keep doing his job properly as POTUS and representing America on the international stage.

Mocking Biden further, Watters claimed that Biden is overweight and very out of shape compared to his Democratic challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and said that seeing Biden shirtless was distasteful and disgusting for most Americans and had likely been a publicity stunt to try to compete with recent footage of RFK Jr. working out bare-chested at a gym. Previously asking RFK Jr. if he’d seen the footage of a shirtless Biden and whether he’d been “impressed,” RFK Jr. said he hadn’t viewed the beach video of Biden.

It was the end of a very tough week politically for the Bidens, particularly considering the recent discovery of a baggie of cocaine near the West Wing and ongoing controversy over Hunter Biden’s laptop contents and child support hearings over his illegitimate lovechild Navy Joan. Hunter Biden was not present with the group of Biden’s and was not there to be around his daughter Finnegan as she joined the family for a day in the sun. The Bidens own a house nearby the beach they were at this past weekend, which Biden bought six years ago when he was 74. His main home is around 100 miles from Rehoboth beach in Wilmington, Delaware.

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