“Warrior for God” SCHOOLS Former President!

Herschel Walker Responds to Obama's Comments

Herschel Walker Responds to Obama’s Comments

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Last week, former President Barack Obama launched a childish attack on a Republican Senate candidate, Herschel Walker. Now Walker has hit back. With days left before the election, he’s ahead of his Democrat rival; is that why the Left is attacking him so viciously?

On October 28, Obama spoke at a campaign rally in Atlanta in a desperate attempt to boost Senator Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) chances. Warnock was leading until October 14, when the candidates debated. Since then, Walker has edged into the lead, even though two women have accused him of hypocrisy for his anti-abortion stance. The former NFL star denies the allegations against him, and it looks like since the debate, the Democrats are trying to attack him personally.

At the Atlanta rally, Obama questioned Walker’s fitness to be a senator, saying he’s just a celebrity with no understanding of politics. The former president said Walker might be a great football player but asked, “let’s say you’re at the airport and you see Walker and you say, Hey, there’s Herschel … Let’s have him fly the plane!”

On Monday, Walker pushed back, pointing out he doesn’t have to fly a plane because “I’m not a pilot. I’m a football player, I’m a politician.” He added that all Obama does now is “hang out with celebrities” and slammed him for focusing on personal attacks instead of commenting on the crisis at the Mexican border. Finally, he dismissed Obama, saying, “he’s not even running in this election here.”

Herschel Walker is running in the election, and right now, it looks like he has a good chance of winning it.

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