Wall Street Sours on Ron DeSantis as a Trump Contender in 2024

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Investors on Wall Street have reportedly “soured” on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a Trump contender for the Presidential 2024 election cycle, Politico reported.

DeSantis’ place in the polls has been on a gradual decline in recent days, as support for Trump’s candidacy has grown, and as Republican peers have taken exception to DeSantis’ political battle with the Walt Disney Company due to their belief that business and government should be kept “separate,” The New York Times reported.

In 2018, DeSantis reportedly said that he grappled with not “pissing off” Trump’s voters, according to CNN. Through recordings originally obtained by ABC News, DeSantis was revealed saying that he had to frame certain political messaging in such a way that would not “p*** off” Trump supporters, CNN also reported.

Florida Republicans who are backing Trump “denounced” the leak of the tapes, Fox News reported. Representatives Bryon Donalds (R.Florida) and Matt Gaetz, (R. Florida), both enthusiastic Trump supporters, called out ABC News for the leaked tapes and said that they were an example of “petty politics,” Fox News reported.

Reportedly, advisers also told DeSantis to attempt to come off as “likable” on his original campaign trail.

As Trump dominates forecasted polls, former Attorney General William Barr issued a “warning” statement about Trump. Barr claimed that should Trump win the 2024 presidential election, there would be “chaos” USA Today reported. Barr warned that Trump would “self-sabotage” his own campaign agenda if reelected. Barr has reportedly been one of Trump’s biggest critics since he left the Trump administration. Earlier in 2023, Barr warned that the FBI’s special counsel investigating Trump’s handling of classified documents could be a “serious potential case” against the former president.

President Trump is embroiled in several legal cases. At the time of this report, attorneys were making their final arguments with regard to rape and defamation allegations made by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who claimed that Trump assaulted her in the 1990s, The New York Times reported. Other legal cases included the New York District Attorney and New York Attorney General’s separate inquiries into Trump over allegations of business document fraud and civil lawsuit on alleged “staggering” fraud, The New York Times reported. Trump also faces separate federal inquiries into his involvement in January 6, 2021, Capitol riots and his handling of classified documents post leaving office.