Voters Sign Measure That Could TRANSFORM Healthcare

Voters Approve Measure To Make Healthcare a Human Right

Voters Approve Measure To Make Healthcare a Human Right

( – Oregon lived up to its ultra-liberal reputation at the November 8 elections, after voters passed two far-left measures. One threatened the Second Amendment rights of residents and created a database of gun owners; the other laid the foundations for socialized medicine.

At this month’s midterm elections, Oregonians passed Measure 111, the Right to Healthcare Amendment (2022), by a hair-thin 50.67%-49.33% margin. The measure amends the Oregon Constitution to say that “access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care” is a basic human right, and the state is obliged to make sure every resident has that access.

Ninety-four percent (94%) of Oregon residents already have health insurance, while others have access to Oregon Medicaid or subsidies to help pay premiums. Now, the state has to make sure everyone else has coverage, too. It’s the first time a US state has declared health care to be a human right.

Republicans were quick to push back against the new law, pointing out numerous flaws with it. State Representative Fred Girod (R), the minority leader in the Oregon House, criticized the measure for creating an obligation but no system to meet it, and according to Fox 25, called it “lazy policymaking.” Others noted that it doesn’t even define the sort of healthcare it mandates. Is this a serious measure, or just left-wing virtue signaling?

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