Violence Breaks Out In Burma During Protest

Burma Protest Gets Violent

( – The political situation in Myanmar (also known as Burma) is rapidly deteriorating. The military seized power in the Southeastern Asian nation several weeks ago, declaring a national state of emergency and imprisoning democratically-elected leaders.

The public reaction to this state of affairs is becoming increasingly militant. On Saturday, February 20, two people were killed during violent protests in Mandalay. Dozens of other protesters were wounded.

The violence escalated when striking shipyard workers threw sticks and stones at police, leading officers to open fire on the crowd. According to eyewitnesses they used live rounds, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

The US denounced the military coup when it was first staged several weeks ago. The State Department has also issued a response to Saturday’s events, with a representative saying the United States was “deeply concerned” about what happened. A number of global powers, including the UK, Canada, and New Zealand, along with the US, have announced sanctions against Myanmar.

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