Veterans Arrested for Protesting in Democrat’s Office

( – Veterans from About Face sought out Senator Gillibrand for a meeting to discuss their organization’s support for lifting the blockade of Gaza and negotiating a ceasefire.

The group announced their disappointment on X (Twitter) after Gillibrand declined to meet with them. When the Capitol police were called, About Face said they weren’t moving until Gillibrand agreed to meet with them. Later, a video of the protesters being arrested outside the Russell Office Building was uploaded by the anti-war veterans organization.

Gillibrand is a senior member of the Armed Services Committee.

About Face members joined Reps. Cori Bush, Summer Lee, and Delia Ramirez earlier in the day stressed that pauses in the conflict between Israel and Hamas are insufficient.

On Tuesday, the White House reported that Israel had agreed to daily pauses of four hours in Gaza to allow people to evacuate areas of fighting. Bush and the group were reacting to this report. President Biden warned that a formal ceasefire is unlikely at this time.

Legislators have been called out for their lack of support for a ceasefire, with the group claiming that their opponents just do not comprehend war the way they do. Group members have pointed out that arrests of their members happened in the week leading up to Veterans Day on November 11.

Since the Hamas-led surprise attack on Israel on October 7, Israel has upped its attacks on Gaza. Over 1,400 Israelis were killed in the unexpected onslaught.

Israel’s counteroffensive and retaliation bombings have caused a humanitarian disaster for the people of Gaza by drastically reducing the supply of food and water.

Ten thousand eight hundred and eighteen Palestinians, including children, have been murdered, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

Pro-Hamas protestors on Capitol Hill were appalled by Sen. John Fetterman on Thursday. He made a joke about how his post-stroke condition prevented him from understanding their protest while waving a small Israeli flag in their direction.

They screamed that Fetterman was betraying Pennsylvania and should be arrested for encouraging the murder of Palestinians.

The former lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and first-term senator is fiercely opposed to the Republicans’ plan to cut off US military aid for Israel and replace it with a proposal to help Ukraine, which is currently fighting itself against an invasion by Russia.

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