Vaccine to Be Mandatory in UK

Vaccine to Be Mandatory in UK

( – The rollout of various COVID-19 vaccinations is now underway around the world. Countries are beginning by inoculating their most vulnerable citizens — the elderly and those with underlying conditions — and progressing toward the lowest-risk people. One of the strongest performances in terms of vaccine rollout has come from the UK; the government there is planning to lift all movement restrictions by June 21.

On Tuesday, March 23, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on BBC Radio 4 to discuss vaccinations for care home workers. Hancock suggested his government could introduce legislation to make inoculation mandatory for such workers, citing the “duty of care” owed to the residents of these facilities.

This type of rule has precedent in Britain; doctors there are currently required to be vaccinated against hepatitis B. The possibility of mandatory vaccines has been met with opposition.

Joe Biden indicated last December that he wouldn’t make vaccines mandatory for Americans, though he said he would “encourage people to do the right thing.” However, with the UK potentially introducing legislation, there is concern the US might do the same.

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