US Official Faces Startling Allegations

US Official Faces Startling Allegations

( – Whistleblowers have lifted the lid on some of the most damaging political scandals of the modern era. Therefore, most people agree these courageous individuals should receive protection from the law, and from government officials. Allegations have surfaced that one Biden administration official has not lived up to this standard.

On Tuesday, April 5, Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mike Braun (R-IN) sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to fire Arthur Traynor from his position as chair of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (FMSHRC) with immediate effect. The lawmakers’ request is in relation to allegations about Traynor’s treatment of a whistleblower, and other questionable actions.

The letter describes an allegation that Traynor placed an employee on leave after the worker refused to secretly follow one of Traynor’s orders because they felt the move was outside of Traynor’s unilateral authority. The employee reportedly received a letter placing them on “investigative leave.” However, the letter did not specify any alleged wrongdoing or mention any right of appeal.

The senators’ letter further alleged that Traynor placed another senior employee on leave without apparent good cause, and that his general conduct in his role can be perceived at times as “demeaning” and threatening.”

Do you think this kind of conduct is appropriate on the part of the head of a federal government agency?

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