US Missiles Launched for First Time in Months

US Missiles Launched for First Time in Months

( – Since President Joe Biden took office, the United States has not allowed any missile or drone strikes in Somalia as the current administration reviews its foreign policy involving war zones. However, in a unique situation, a US general authorized military action against a militant group when American-backed Somali forces were under attack.

On Tuesday, July 20, US Africa Command Chief General Stephen Townsend authorized a drone strike on al-Shabaab terrorists near Galkayo, Somalia, who engaged with the elite Somali commando force Danab. Townsend was allowed to carry out the strike even under Biden’s current drone restrictions because it was in “collective self-defense of partner forces,” according to Pentagon spokesperson Cindi King.

BBC News Anchor Mowliid Haji Abdi shared more about the strike and its location.

This is the first airstrike against Somali militants since President Biden took office, although Biden did not even authorize this one. It’ll be interesting to see what the president’s next move is, whether he sends troops back to Somalia or finally comes up with a permanent drone strike policy for active war zones. Perhaps this move will force him to have a strong hand and firm backbone when it comes to terrorists.

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