US Government Leaked SECRET Info About GOP Candidate!

US Air Force Leaked Disturbing Details About GOP Candidate

US Air Force Leaked Disturbing Details About GOP Candidate

( – The US Air Force has accepted responsibility for leaking confidential details about a GOP congressional candidate. The admission came following pressure from Republican lawmakers. It’s still not clear if the leak was orchestrated by the Democrats.

On October 7, Politico published a profile of Jennifer-Ruth Green, a former USAF pilot who’s running for Indiana’s 1st Congressional District. Her profile included details of her military fitness reports, and revealed she’d been the victim of a sexual assault while deployed in Iraq — an assault that was swept under the carpet to avoid political problems with the Iraqis. Green was understandably furious at the release of this information, and two congressmen — Representatives Jim Banks (R-IN) and Larry Bucshon (R-IN) called on the USAF to take responsibility for it.

On October 26, USAF spokeswoman Ann Stefanek admitted the Air Force had wrongly released Green’s information. She said the details were released by “a junior individual who didn’t follow proper procedures to obtain required consent.” Banks and Bucshon say they’ve also spoken to USAF Inspector General Lt Gen Stephen Davis, who admitted Green’s file was given to an opposition research firm.

Davis told the congressmen the leaker has been identified and “will be held accountable,” but Banks and Bucshon aren’t satisfied. Now they want the Air Force to release information on how that research firm is connected to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and to Green’s opponent, Representative Frank Mrvan (D-IN). They say the USAF’s error “improperly affected a competitive House race,” and all the facts need to come out before election day.

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