UN Plans on Asking the West to Reduce Meat Consumption

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Climate change alarmists in the United Nations are up in arms again, this time over the degree of meat consumption in the U.S. and other developed nations.

Because of this, the United Nations is set to ask the U.S. and other developed nations in the West to cut down on their consumption of meat and meat products, with the goal of cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) is expected to publish a report in the coming weeks, which includes a “roadmap” to reduce carbon emissions – while balancing the meat consumption globally. This entails developed nations limiting their meat intake and reducing meat product consumption, while countries where malnutrition is more rampant because of the lack of meat and protein will receive assistance in strengthening the necessary agricultural infrastructures needed for increased meat production. The report will also tackle issues farmers encounter due to “erratic weather,” as well as focus in part on emissions derived from the use of fertilizer, as well as emissions from food waste.

FAIRR Initiative, an investor network that enters into partnerships with financial institutions to push for more climate-friendly agriculture around the world, said that leading meat and dairy companies have failed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, necessitating the need for more targeted policies for the food and agricultural sector.

However, the agricultural industry in the U.S. is responsible for only around 1.4% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. The industry has also implemented a number of initiatives aimed at reducing emissions, making it one of the country’s economic sectors with the lowest emissions.

In addition, Republican Pennsylvania Representative Glenn Thompson, who chairs the House Committee on Agriculture, fired back at the recommendations of the UNFAO, saying that world has more need for American ranchers and farmers than it does for the UN. He also pointed out that the UN needs to pay more attention to countries with “hostile regimes and worse emissions profiles” rather than suggesting steps that would effectively “harm food security and affordability.”

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