UK Government Funds Face-Scanning Technology for COVID-19

UK Government Funds Face-Scanning Technology For COVID-19

( – As vaccination rates around the world rise, policymakers are beginning to approach the delicate question of whether or not movement restrictions will apply equally to vaccinated and unvaccinated people. To enforce different rules, governments would need a reliable means of identifying those who have not received vaccinations.

One radical potential solution has gained traction in the UK. On Saturday, March 27, the London Times reported that UK citizens might have to undergo face scans before entering “pubs, gigs, and sports events” to verify they received a vaccination. The vaccine passport then becomes a digital identity card, meaning individuals will have to be scanned to initially get their faces into the system.

That is one of the government-funded proposals for the UK’s vaccine passport scheme. Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears set on having vaccine passports in place; he is quoted as saying he thinks there will be “a role for certification.”

If this idea is adapted in the US, it could take us one step closer to a society where some agent of the government can scan us without our permission as we go about our daily activities to monitor our whereabouts.

In the US, fully vaccinated individuals are still being asked to refrain from nonessential travel. As the percentage of us who have received inoculations inches upward, that is likely to change. But if there is a surge in the virus, there’s no telling what action the government may take. It will be interesting to see how our leaders deal with the issue of vaccine certification. Will they adopt something like the UK is planning?

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