U.S. Border Politics Issues Shift to Canada as Tensions at the South Border Mount

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The United States may now be facing political tensions from the border of Canada. U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been “tiptoeing” around immigration tensions on the northern border, CNN reported. Biden’s tensions at the southern border are now reportedly spilling over into relations with Canada.

Meanwhile, mass groups of migrants continue to collect at the U.S. borders, while American cities reportedly cannot process them all. Earlier in March, New York announced an effort to build a new migrant shelter, as the City continued to struggle to process the surge, The New York Times reported.

Discussions have reportedly existed for years, but a “harsh number” of new migrants entering Canada has reportedly brought tensions to light. While the United States and Canada have worked together to control immigration into the Western hemisphere, there is a renewed urgency to the talks about renewing agreements. Pressures have mounted over the need for Washington and Ottawa to finalize changes to a” decades-old” asylum agreement restricting certain migrants from seeking protections in Canada, CNN reported. There is a growing number of migrants entering the U.S. Northern border who initially entered the United States from the beleaguered Southern border.

The U.S. has been pressed with a border crisis from its Southern Border for several years. Yet, the crisis continues to mount. On March 12, a group of migrants, primarily hailing from Venezuela, rushed the El Paso southern border in one mass group, CBS News reported. The mass asylum-seeking push was sparked by frustrations with the U.S. government’s CBP processing app as well as a rumor that new migrants were to be permitted entry.

As border crisis tensions surmount, analysts have debated the outcome of it, with an opinion columnist from The New York Times writing that we should “give up” the fantasy of “solving” the border crisis. The opinion column write up came a week after the Council on Foreign Relations wrote a commentary about Biden’s new border policy and whether it had the means to “solve” the migrant crisis.

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