Two Police Officers Down After Ambush

Two Police Officers Down After Ambush

Police AMBUSHED – Multiple Officers Down!

( – Police officers put life and limb on the line every day to protect communities across the United States. While most never have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their jobs, unfortunately, some do. Two law enforcement officers in a California community recently lost their lives after being “essentially ambushed” by a violent criminal.

According to reports, the two policemen, Officer Joseph Santana and Corporal Michael Paredes responded to a domestic violence call in the city of El Monte in Los Angeles County on Tuesday, June 14. The call came from a motel. When Santana and Paredes arrived on the scene, there was immediate gunfire.

Reports suggest the first shootout took place in a room in the motel before another happened in the parking lot. The officers were both rushed to the hospital after sustaining wounds, where they both died from their injuries. The suspect, named to the media as Justin Flores, died from a gunshot wound at the scene.

Flores had a criminal history dating back to 2009, when the court sentenced him to 16 months behind bars for vehicle theft. He later returned to prison with a conviction for first-degree burglary.

Acting El Monte Police Chief Ben Lowry paid tribute to Santana and Paredes by saying they were “good men,” who were loved, adding they were “murdered by a coward.”

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