Twitter May Sue Nonprofit Hate Speech Monitor

( – Twitter has threatened to sue hate speech watchdog Center for Countering Digital Hate over claims the organization made that said that a vast majority of reports on Twitter Blue accounts that have been “tweeting hate” were not acted upon.

Alex Spiro, a lawyer for Twitter-owner Elon Musk, called the CCDH’s statements, which were included in a recently released report, “false, misleading, or both.” The lawyer added that the CCDH’s report had the seeming purpose of harming Twitter, particularly its digital advertising business.

Musk has recently renamed Twitter “X.”

X’s letter to CCDH also accused the latter of taking money from competitors or foreign governments “in support of an ulterior agenda.”

Spiro added that the company was also looking into the possibility that the report could be subject to federal law, stressing that X would be using all legal means at its disposal to ensure that its users, platform and business would not be harmed by such remarks.

In its defense, the CCDH said that Musk and his legal team were welcome to file a suit if they liked, but said that such an attempt would be “frivolous” and accused X of attempting to stifle “honest criticism and independent research.” The organization also flat-out denied taking any funding from “tech companies, governments, or their affiliates.”

This tiff with CCDH is another issue on top of the controversial company’s already full plate. Musk, who says he is merely an advocate for free speech, has been accused of enabling online hate after expressing opposition to the company’s old permanent bans and for reinstating former president Donald Trump’s account. After massive layoffs, staff reshuffling, and employee walkouts shortly after his acquisition of the giant social media platform last year, Musk has more recently implemented a major rebrand, doing away with the iconic bird logo and calling the platform X, with tweets now called posts.

Some popular users took issue with the rebrand, calling for a one-day boycott of the platform. In addition, X has threatened litigation against fellow tech giant Mark Zuckerberg and Meta over claims that the latter’s new social media platform Threads is utilizing X’s intellectual property and other “highly confidential information” gleaned from former Twitter employees.

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