Twitter Attempts to Block Voter Fraud Warnings

Twitter Attempts to Block Voter Fraud Warnings

( – The potential for voter fraud has been one of the major talking points of this election season. President Donald Trump has consistently stated his belief that mail-in ballots pose a huge risk to the legitimacy of the vote, while his opponents have dismissed this as a conspiracy.

However, evidence that President Trump’s suspicions are reasonable is beginning to mount. On October 8, former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, shared photos from a friend on Twitter. The images were of mail-in ballots addressed to this person’s parents — despite the fact both parents had been dead for over 10 years.

Incredibly, Twitter made the decision to censor this tweet. Not only that, they also locked Grenell’s account.

It’s hard to say what the most disturbing detail is about this story. The fact voters who have been dead for 10 years are still receiving ballots is obviously very troubling. Twitter’s treatment of Grenell’s post is equally alarming, if not more so.

Twitter has since restored Grenell’s account. He has wasted no time in sharing other stories that highlight the dangers of the mail-in voting system.

Whether the stories Ric Grenell shares are down to simple incompetence or something more sinister, it is hard to say. However, the fact major platforms like Twitter are this keen to shut down any discussion about the topic suggests all is not right.

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