Trump’s Legal Team Targets Dominion Software

Trump's Legal Team Targets Dominion Software

( – Donald Trump’s legal team has initiated several lawsuits since the presidential election took place. Their latest action concerns a software system that several states used to process votes.

On Sunday, November 15, Sidney Powell appeared on Fox News to discuss issues with Dominion Voting Systems software. She stated numerous whistleblowers have come forward to highlight issues with the framework. The system could, she alleges, have been manipulated in such a way that millions of Trump votes could have been deleted. It’s important to note, the Department of Homeland Security’s election security agency has found no evidence that any “voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes.” But the Trump legal team is asking for a thorough investigation, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Powell went on to highlight the fact that a senior operative with a Dominion subsidiary is also a member of Biden’s campaign staff.

Powell, a key member of Donald Trump’s legal team, was unequivocal in her support for the president. She is confident her team’s legal efforts will be successful and that Trump will remain president until 2024.

While the media has now widely declared Joe Biden the new president-elect, 2020’s election is not over yet. Nobody wants to see the courts involved in the electoral process, yet it appears increasingly likely there will be no other way to truly ascertain the identity of our new president.

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