Trump’s FAMILY MEMBER Calls for Federal Agents!

Mary Trump Wants the DOJ To Indict Her Uncle Immediately

Mary Trump Wants the DOJ To Indict Her Uncle Immediately

( – Former President Donald Trump has had a tough few days. The midterm elections did not pan out as he had hoped, with a number of his high-profile endorsements losing out in their races. Many Republican commentators have pointed the finger of blame at Trump for the party’s failure to launch in the November races. Now, his own niece is calling for his indictment by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Mary Trump, a podcaster who has frequently used her platform to criticize Donald Trump, beseeched the DOJ to take this step soon during an appearance on “The Dean Obeidallah Show” on SiriusXM. While she wasn’t “hopeful” an indictment would follow, she warned that “much worse things” would happen if it didn’t. She went on to highlight alleged issues around the suppression of voter protests in Florida during the midterms.

She then warned the DOJ needed to act soon if it intended to indict Trump, because of his likely intention to run for the presidency again in 2024. She highlighted that he could paint any indictment as a political attack if it came after his announcement.

The former president’s niece has criticized him over various aspects of his policies and actions. A book she wrote in 2020 suggested her issues with him arose before his time in politics.

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