Trump’s Ex Campaign Manager Says New Election Landscape Will Benefit GOP

Trump's Ex Campaign Manager Says New Election Landscape Will Benefit GOP

( – In the run-up to the recent presidential election, commentators made a point of discussing the importance of changing demographic trends. Polls suggested conservative strongholds like Texas were turning blue, but also that traditionally liberal voter groups were starting to support Donald Trump in greater numbers.

According to Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, these changes should eventually yield overall benefits for Republican candidates.

Parscale appeared on Fox News on Wednesday, December 2. He discussed many aspects of his role with the campaign, and outlined his ideas about how it could have gone better.

Parscale also discussed the increase in support for conservative candidates among Latino voters. He speculated this could benefit the GOP massively in years to come. However, he also stated his belief that Americans needed to stop voting along demographic lines and come together to consider the solutions to problems.

When asked about the possibility of Donald Trump running for president in 2024, Parscale said he would be happy to see it. He reiterated his continuing support for the president, saying he was “MAGA for life.”

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