Trump’s Economy: The Better Prospect After First Presidential Debate

Trump's Economy The Better Prospect After First Presidential Debate

( – On Tuesday, September 29, we got our first opportunity to see Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate the main issues facing our nation. The discussion, moderated by Chris Wallace, touched on law enforcement, race relations, COVID-19, and, of course, the economy.

The last of these was perhaps the one that drew the most attention. With movement restrictions affecting the finances of businesses and individuals alike, Americans want assurances the economy will survive this current crisis. On the basis of last night’s debate, it’s clear Trump is a better bet than Biden in this regard.

As Chris Wallace noted when initiating the debate segment, America’s economy has rebounded strongly since the pandemic’s onset. Unemployment figures dropped considerably in Q2 of 2020 and negative economic growth will not be as great as initially projected.

Biden attempted to counter these statistics by claiming benefits vested primarily in high earners. In the face of the concrete economic indicators above, however, these statements ring hollow. Bizarrely, the Democrat candidate also tried to blame Trump for the economic shutdown earlier this year. This is despite the fact Democrats have consistently pushed for more stringent lockdown measures since the pandemic’s onset.

This is the first of three debates set to take place over the coming weeks. Neither candidate has a clear advantage over the other just yet; however, if the discussion continues to center around the economy, it’s sure to play well for Donald Trump.

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