Trump’s Attorney Responds To Verdict in E. Jean Carroll Case

( – Joe Tacopino, an attorney for former President Trump, spoke to the press following a Manhattan jury’s decision in favor of E. Jean Carroll’s allegations of assault and defamation of character, CNN reported.

Tacopino stated that the jury did not vote to convict Carroll’s rape claim, but they did hold Trump liable for sexual abuse of Carroll without her consent and for defamation. In technicality, the accusations that Carroll brought against Trump fall under a different legal context than those of rape, which was the reason publicly given for why the jury did not find Trump liable of rape, but rather of a different form of sexual abuse.

Tacopino called the ruling “strange,” and stated that he had spoken with the former president. Tacopino explained that the Trump legal team will appeal the case and that Trump is “firm in his belief” that he will not be able to have a fair trial in New York City.

Trump’s lawyer said that he was “confident” about the appellate issues and that the Trump legal team would employ issues for appeal that were brought into the defense of the lawsuit. The jury held Trump liable for $5 million in punitive charges.

The Carroll case jury, composed of six men and three women, found Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation during a vote held on May 9, The New York Times reported.

Trump denied the allegations, posting to his Truth Social page that he did not even know who Carroll was. His response to the allegations and the ruling was seen as “ridiculous” by his Republican nomination contender, the former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, USA Today reported. Christie questioned how many more “coincidences” that would take place with Trump, who has maintained his innocence through all the legal charges currently brought against him in New York and federal courts.

Christie told Fox News that, in his view, it was ridiculous that “random people” whom Trump claims to have never met before were able to convince a jury that he had sexually abused them. In Christie’s view, Trump’s response and conduct regarding the Carroll case was “unacceptable” of someone in leadership, and that the American people wanted to bring back great leadership.

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