Trump Will Continue His Legal Fight Despite Pushback From GSA

Trump Will Continue His Legal Fight Despite Pushback from GSA

( – Earlier this week, sources confirmed the General Services Administration (GSA) had approved Joe Biden’s transition into the White House, acknowledging Biden as the “apparent” winner of the election.

However, on Tuesday, November 24, the president released the following tweet, signaling his intention to continue his legal challenges against 2020’s vote.

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy stated she made her decision independently. She was keen to stress she had not been pressured into delaying the call by anyone at the White House. Her letter also made it clear that the Electoral College, not her agency, determines the winner.

The Trump Campaign says there is evidence voting systems in many states were not fit for purpose during our recent election. Unfortunately, the courts have not ruled favorably for the commander-in-chief just yet. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over and President Trump has made that very clear.

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