Trump: “We Will Be Back…”


( – If there’s one thing about Donald Trump that’s impossible to deny, it’s his dedication to helping the American people. Despite the ceaseless torrent of abuse he has received from online commentators and media outlets during his presidency, he remains committed to doing all he can for us.

On Wednesday, January 20, Donald Trump gave the final public address of his first term. He thanked his family and those who worked in his administration while expressing his love for America and its people. He also discussed the major achievements he and his officials had over the last four years. He referred specifically to the work done in maintaining and expanding the military, including the introduction of the Space Force.

He also hinted at a possible return to politics in the future, saying, “We will be back in some form.” This follows rumors the president is considering setting up his own political party. This is a clear indication of how little regard the president has for the Democrat-led impeachment proceedings set to get underway in the Senate in the coming weeks. Considering at least 17 Republicans will have to vote to impeach him for the process to succeed, it’s difficult to see it as anything other than a political circus act.

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