Trump Visits Scotland for Golf Course Opening, Says “It’s Good To Be Home”

( – Former President Donald Trump traveled to Scotland to open a golf course and was quoted saying it was “good to be home,” the Associated Press reported on May 1. Trump explained to reporters that Scotland was his mother’s home. He reportedly made the quoted statement before he entered one of his cars.

Trump took to Truth Social to express his excitement about opening a new golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, the Associated Press reported. Despite being pleased with the new construction project, the former president stated that it was his “Make America Great Again” political agenda that was on his mind. However, Trump expressed confidence that he and his campaign would succeed in efforts to make America “greater than before.”

The former president has been pursuing his re-election 2024 campaign with some reported vigor. As he pushes ahead, political analysts forecast that he is “already winning” the presidential primary race of 2024. Political analysts reasoned that the Republican “surrender” to Trump would “preemptively” repeat in 2024 in the same way that it did in 2016, analysts with The Atlantic wrote. Political analysts reasoned that, despite the many names in the Republican primary race, Trump inspires an “ardent” devotion among his supporting body.

Trump has been pursuing re-election since November of 2022, The Washington Post reported. Getting an early start to many of his contenders, Trump already has a pronounced lead in hypothetical race polls, pacing ahead of his popular nominee contender, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In April, while the Republican primaries were still “months away,” political analysts with Newsweek likewise reasoned that Donald Trump was already beating DeSantis in terms of winning Congressional endorsements.

While earlier on some political analysts questioned whether or not Trump’s pending legal cases could sink him, others wondered if New Hampshire’s Republicans would be able to, MSNBC reported. Media analysts reason that the best way for Republican challengers to “take down” the former president’s re-election race would be in New Hampshire.

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