Trump Visits Ohio Town After Train Derailment 

( – Donald Trump visited an Ohio town where a train’s derailment has recently sparked political uproar, The Washington Post reported.

Earlier in February, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. In the days that followed, the township reported strange illnesses that were the result of toxic chemicals released from the train’s detachment. Toxic chemicals leaked into the soil and waterways as a result of the train crash. On February 6, officials released vinyl chloride gas from five of the train cars, and then burned it off in a controlled burn, STAT reported. This was reportedly to avoid an explosion at the site.

Trump was disgruntled with the federal response to these events, criticizing the events as a “betrayal,” local ABC News reported. Republicans including Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have “taken shots” at the Biden administration for failing to visit the Ohio village, reasoning that Biden’s priorities are out of order because he chose to visit Ukraine instead, NBC reported. The Biden administration did send resources, but, in Trump’s view, this was politically a counter-move to his announced visit.

Trump’s visit to the town was criticized by Democrats, who pointed out Trump’s past legislation that was reportedly responsible for “rolling back” chemical regulations in the U.S. train system, Politico reported.

Media analysts have called the Trump visit and the ensuing politics “poisonous partisan politics,” CNN reported. As the political drama unfolded, Peter Buttigieg, the current Transportation secretary, found himself mixed into the uproar. Criticism of Buttigieg following the train’s derailment has become bipartisan, Bloomberg reported. Senator Marco Rubio (R.Florida) called for Buttigieg to be fired, while the Left demanded more action. Buttigieg headed to East Palestine amid the outcry over his handling of the incident, ABC News reported.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that it can fine Norfolk Southern $70,000 per day for failing to clean up the toxic wreck in Ohio, and for failing to pay for the incident, CNN reported.

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