Trump Unveils His “Major Announcement”

Trump Unveils His

( – There was excitement last week when former president Donald Trump released a teaser trailer promising a “major announcement” on Thursday. Speculation ran wild, covering all the options from a running mate for his 2024 campaign to a new healthcare plan for his second term in the White House. It’s safe to say nobody was expecting what he was about to announce.

On December 14, Trump released a video on his Truth Social platform, with the tagline “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!” and a cartoon of a laser-eyed Trump tearing his shirt open to reveal a superhero costume. The former president promised a major statement the next day, igniting a storm of speculation on the surprise announcement. A month ago, he revealed his plans to run for president again in 2024, so many assumed he was going to let everyone know something about his campaign pledges. Could it be a flagship policy for a new Trump administration — something to energize voters the way his 2016 pledge to build a wall did?

As promised, on Thursday, all was revealed. Trump’s major announcement was the release of a set of Non-Fungible Tokens — copy-protected digital art. The set, called the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection, features “amazing ART” of scenes from Trump’s life and are available for $99 each. Trump said the virtual cards would “make a great Christmas gift” and will sell out quickly. But will they feature superhero costumes and glowing eyes?

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