Trump Tells Congress to Pass COVID-19 Relief Bill – “Get It Done”

Trump Tells Congress to Pass COVID-19 Relief Bill -

( – COVID-19 clearly has not dampened the president’s enthusiasm for his work. On Saturday, October 3, Donald Trump took to Twitter to share the following message to his colleagues in Congress.

Despite growing concern about the fates of low earners and small businesses in the coming months, no COVID-19 relief package has yet received approval. Democrats and Republicans have struggled to find common ground during bipartisan negotiations. Liberals in the House passed a bill last week that would spend a total of $2.2 trillion, giving $600 per week to the unemployed. The bill has to get through the GOP-led Senate to become law.

Analysts have suggested Trump’s input could break the deadlock on this issue. The president’s backing might persuade Senate Republicans, in particular, to consider measures like those currently on the table.

Trump’s message shows he’s not content to allow the American people to suffer because of partisan feuding. That could be a significant turning point in the push for a second relief package.

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