Trump Talks Epstein, Detractors, and Indictments in Exclusive Tucker Carlson Interview

( – Just like the good old days, former President Donald Trump and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson cross their arms and grin triumphantly at the camera in the intro to the former’s exclusive interview with the latter. Episode 19 of “Tucker on X” plays.

Shown exclusively on Twitter (now called “X”) and put out at the same time Fox News’ Republican primary presidential debate aired, the episode was ostensibly an effort of arguably the two of the most controversial media and political figures in recent years to hit back at a network that has spurred them both.

Trump has soured on Fox of late, and says so in the interview. “(T)hey don’t have credibility,” the former chief executive says of the network, and others – like MSNBC and CNN, which he calls out by name – who peddle, in his opinion, in “corrupt news” as the old adage he says he invented, or at least he says he hopes so, “fake news” isn’t a strong enough term anymore.

Carlson, on the other hand, was left on the roadside when Fox News suddenly cancelled his show – an extremely popular one that brought in ratings to the network – in the aftermath of Fox’s massive settlement in the lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems filed against it. Carlson has since moved on to other platforms, Twitter included, and has even reportedly been working with Twitter owner Elon Musk himself to develop features on the platform that will make his videos more accessible to viewers.

Despite “not being a conspiracy guy”, Carlson asked about what Trump thought of Jeffrey Epstein and his death. “He knew a lot of things,” Trump said. He all but pounced at the opportunity when Carlson mentioned former attorney general Bill Barr, who was assigned to investigate the Epstein case, pivoting to Barr’s failure to investigate the 2020 presidential election at his behest. Carlson was dogged though, and was forced to say instead that he himself thought Epstein was killed when Trump admitted, “I think he killed himself.”

The former commander-in-chief took every opportunity he could to address his belief that there were irregularities in the 2020 presidential elections, pointing to the indictments he is facing as political pressure and persecution, as well as bringing up issues like the supposed opposition of Democrats to a “national ID” system because “they wouldn’t be able to cheat” if it was implemented.

The interview, which ran for a little more than 46 minutes, has been “liked” more than 832,000 times, and retweeted more than 200,000 times. The tweet with Carlson’s video has been viewed more than 261 million times, but it is unclear if these numbers also translate to actual video views. Technology news outlet Mashable points out that actual video views, based on an older version of Twitter that displays the actual statistic, shows 14.8 million video views.

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