Trump Surges To New Strong Lead Over Biden

( – Recent polls found that former President Donald Trump was leading President Joe Biden in a 2024 hypothetical matchup by six points.

Trump’s lead in June marks a steady climb from earlier polls. In May, polls reported that Biden maintained an “edge” over the former president in hypothetical polls. In April, Rasmussen Polls stated that the president was trailing Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and would likely face a steep “uphill battle” if he were to seek reelection.

In April, Trump began to gain on Biden in hypothetical polls following his indictment by the District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg.

Trump’s lead in the polls followed his recent federal indictment in a Miami, Florida district court. The indictment appears to have made him even more popular with Republican voters.

As the former president faces many legal hurdles, he continues to press ahead with the Trump 2024 re-election campaign and has been meeting with members of the media to discuss his new series of policies called Agenda 47.

Recent research from Interactive Polls found that he had a lead of 45% whereas, in the same poll, Biden’s rating was at 39%. Likewise, in GOP forecast primaries Trump had a lead of 59% whereas his leading rival DeSantis had a 14% poll position.

On June 19, Trump took to his own social media platform, Truth Social, to question poll results from the Quinnipiac Poll, which he believed to have understated Republican odds by 10 points. Trump said that this poll reflected badly on his performance which he stated was “up six points,” and that other polls had shown him performing “much higher” than that.

As Trump “ripped” into the Quinnipiac poll—as well as Fox News—a survey by the company Partners Survey found his rival DeSantis had fared better in hypothetical election battles with Biden. Trump criticized the Quinnipiac poll because it showed him “trailing” President Biden, which in his view is unrealistic. Trump also objected to Fox News broadcasting the poll’s findings and accused the “RINOS” of not liking the Trump 2024 campaign performance numbers.

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