Trump Supporters Claimed Ron DeSantis Endorsed by George Soros

( – Claims from Trump-supportive Republicans have stated that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be tied to financier and liberal political influencer George Soros, The Daily Dot wrote. Rumors emerged in May suggesting that the Florida governor had received Soros’ endorsement. The statements were reportedly made by Kari Lake, the former candidate for the Arizona Governor race, and other Trump-supporting Republicans, Business Insider reported.

However, the News Literacy Project Rumor Guard stated that these allegations were false and that rather than endorsing DeSantis, Soros rather predicted that he would beat former President Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for 2024. The News Literacy Project was founded in 2008 by Alan C. Miller. Additional reports from The Associated Press reported in February that the statements were false and that rather, Soros had expressed the hope that DeSantis would be the victor of the Republican primary. Soros reportedly made comments that he had hoped DeSantis would be the victor in a keynote address that was held in February preceding the Munich Security Conference.

A video and transcript of Soros’ remarks were published by George and the Open Society Foundation, which is affiliated with the billionaire.

Despite statements contradicting the rumor, the Trump 2024 campaign has used the allegations in a new campaign criticizing rival presidential candidate DeSantis. In May, the Trump campaign released a video that depicted DeSantis, Nazi autocrat Adolf Hilter, Soros, and the Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Forbes reported. The video depicted DeSantis in a Twitter Space with Hitler, Soros, the Devil and Musk, The Daily Mail UK reported in May.

Reportedly, the video was generated using AI and parodies the rocky formal announcement of the DeSantis campaign on Twitter Spaces. During the official announcement of the DeSantis 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter, the meeting was delayed due to technical issues, BBC News reported.

The video uses an AI-generated voice that sounds like DeSantis to tell the other Twitter Space attendees to “shut up” because he was “making an announcement” and “running for president.” Eventually, the voice of Donald Trump interjects and says that the “real president” needs to make an announcement.

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