Trump Struggles To Sell His Political Achievements in Third Presidential Run

( – Entering his third campaign for president, former president Donald Trump has reportedly struggled to sell his political achievements, Politico reported. Months into this campaign, Trump is reportedly pressed with a struggle caused by the fact that two of his biggest political achievements have become subjects of intense political division.

First, analysts reasoned that Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership that the Trump administration put together in response to the pandemic, has become entrenched in controversy. Operation Warp Speed developed a coronavirus vaccine in record time. However, because the development and contents of the coronavirus vaccine became so hotly criticized by conservatives, Trump may have difficulty selling his campaign with this as a talking point.

Secondly, Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices have motioned to overturn Roe vs Wade, legislation making rights to abortion federal, a motion that has incited political division among Republicans. One group of Republicans reportedly sees the overturning of Roe vs. Wade as a supportive boost to the Republican agenda, while other Republicans see it as a “hindrance,” Politico reported.

Trump’s political supporters believe that Trump can leverage the thin line between his supportive role in the overturning of Roe and the popular side of politics.

As he appears to struggle to use past achievements, Trump has opted to campaign with a “common sense” agenda, NBC West Palm Beach reported. Speaking at a campaign event hosted at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel on President’s Day, February 20, Trump called 2024 the “one chance” to save the country.

Trump stated that the American people would need a leader who is ready “from day one” to save the country, NBC reported. The former president then proceeded to lay out his 2024 agenda, which included directions for the Department of Justice to open civil rights investigations into any school district promoting “race-based discrimination,” as well as health care, economic and immigration reforms.

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