Trump States Conservatives Need To Beat Radical Left in Ballot Harvesting

( – Former President Donald Trump issued a filmed broadcast from his Truth Social platform on March 8, where he claimed that conservatives needed to “beat the radical Left” at “their own game” of ballot harvesting. Trump claimed that, in the states where ballot harvesting is still legal, the Right needed to likewise engage in ballot harvesting to “save the country.”

“It’s very simple, either we can start ballot harvesting, or you can say goodbye to our country,” said Trump, in his televised broadcast. He stated that “with the help” of legal voting Americans, American voters could harvest ballots to take back elections that Democrats “never should have won.”

The Committee on House Administration explained that the practice of ballot harvesting is when a political operative collects absentee ballots from voters’ homes and drops them off at a ballot office. The Committee stated that while this practice may appear “innocuous,” this process has historically been abused, and has posed threats to election security as a result.

Trump has previously been opposed to the practice, but has recently “embraced” it Newsweek reported. In February, Trump sent an email to his supporters that stated that the Trump campaign would be launching its own “Ballot Harvesting Fund.” In his public statements on March 8, Trump stated that his campaign would harvest ballots in states where the radical Left had been “cheating the system.”

In his February statements, Trump stated that the Biden-Harris campaign had raised $1 billion to put Biden and Harris in office. Trump also accused the FBI of collaborating with major tech enterprises to help Biden and Harris in their ballot harvesting practices, Newsweek reported. In his statements, Trump claimed that Republicans would “master” the Democrats’ ballot harvesting game to win the election.

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