Trump Signs Order Backing 1 Trillion Trees Effort

Trump Signs Order backing 1 Trillion Trees Effort

( – Critics of Donald Trump have often voiced concerns that the president cares more about corporations than he does about the environment. However, many of his actions and policies have proven these kinds of worries unnecessary.

On Tuesday, October 13, we saw more evidence of his commitment to environmental causes when he pledged to plant one trillion trees via executive order. He first stated he wanted to plant this number of trees in cooperation with a World Economic Forum initiative in January. This order means his pledge now has the backing of a government council that comprises senior White House officials and 14 federal bodies.

This is not the only step President Trump has made toward more responsible forestry management. He also signed an executive order of this kind in 2018, aimed at promoting better conditions in America’s woodlands and managing the risk of wildfires.

While environmental and economic interests do not always converge, it’s possible to prioritize business while still promoting sustainability. This directive is a timely reminder that radical propositions like the Green New Deal are not the only way to effect positive change for our planet.

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