Trump Sets Sights On Biden’s Abortion Plan

Trump Sets Sights On Biden's Abortion Plan

( – With concerns about COVID-19 and civil unrest dominating discussions in recent weeks and months, many other topics have flown under the radar during this election season. Abortion is one such topic. Usually, a subject that gives rise to heated debates between the Right and Left, it has not featured heavily in this year’s race.

On Tuesday, October 6, however, President Trump brought it back under the spotlight. Joe Biden has stated he would enact legislation to support the famous Roe v Wade decision. That would cement legal abortion in America going forward, especially in light of the current Conservative majority in the Supreme Court. Trump called attention to this with the tweet below, also questioning Biden’s intentions.

Shortly after this, the president posted another tweet on this topic. This time, he targeted the Democrats’ position on late-term abortions, warning the rules in this area would become more relaxed if Biden wins the election.

It’s important to remember the next president will be in office until 2024. While COVID-19 and the riots are the most important considerations right now, it won’t be that way forever. If you feel strongly about an issue like abortion, it would be a good idea to pick a candidate who will stand up for your beliefs.

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