Trump Sells Out of Digital Trading Cards in 24 Hours

Trump Sells Out of Digital Trading Cards in 24 Hours

( – Last Wednesday, December 14, former president Donald Trump promised a major announcement was coming the next day. After much speculation, it turned out he was releasing a set of digital collector’s cards. It seems they’ve gone down well with his supporters, because it took less than a day for them all to sell.

On December 14, Trump released a video on Truth Social saying, “America needs a superhero!” and trailing a “major announcement” the next day. On Thursday, he revealed a set of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — copy-protected digital images — showing scenes from his life and career, which went on sale for $99 each. The cards included artwork showing Trump as a cowboy and an astronaut.

Liberals immediately mocked the announcement, but the reaction from the former president’s supporters was very different. Trump’s NFTs quickly became the top-selling item on OpenSea Data, an NFT tracking site. Online data revealed that 45,000 of the cards were put on sale — and by Friday morning, they had all been sold. Profits from the sale will not go to his election campaign.

Because NFTs are copy-protected, they can be resold, and the fact they sold out suggests a high demand for them. That means a lively market in them could appear as Trump fans bid for the chance to own one of the limited-edition images.

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