Trump Says There Must Be a “Price To Pay” for Former FBI Director Following Durham Report

( – Former President Donald Trump stated that there needed to be a “heavy price” to pay for the former FBI Director James Comey following the release of the Durham report, Fox News reported.

The Durham report revealed details of the Trump-Russia probe and how the investigators behaved in a way that Trump called ”a total disgrace” for the FBI, Fox News reported.

The Russian analyst, Igor Danchenko, went to trial in 2022 and was accused of lying to the FBI. Danchenko was the analyst who provided the “majority” of the Steele dossier, Fox News reported. The FBI had offered to pay Danchenko to prove the statements he’d made for the Steele dossier, which Danchenko denied he had any proof for, to find evidence to prove his claims, The Federalist reported. The Durham report reportedly had no real evidence in the case it was making. They reportedly paid Danchenko “$220,000” as a confidential human source or “CHS” even after they learned he had lied to them.

Special Counsel John Durham released a report that concluded the FBI should “have never” launched a full-blown probe into Trump and Russia and whether there was collusion, CNN reported. The Durham report had “over 300 pages” and concluded that, in Durham’s view, the FBI probe between alleged relationships of Trump with Russian affiliates should “never have happened.” The report finds “fault” with the FBI over the events of the Russian collusion probe, The New York Times reported. However, the results were not considered “blockbuster” revelations, The New York Times wrote.

In December 2019, former Attorney General William Barr appointed Special Counsel John Durham to investigate the Trump-Russia probe, following statements from then-President Trump on social media to “investigate the investigators.” The former assistant U.S. attorney to the Southern District of New York, Elie Honig, told CNN that the findings of the Durham report were not surprising. He called on analysts to recall the reasons why Durham was appointed to special counsel in the first place, citing the process taken by Barr to put Durham on the task.

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