Trump Says He Never Sorted Documents Because He Has “Busy Life”

( – Former President Donald Trump stated that he never sorted the documents he had taken to his Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida residence because he has a “busy” life.

Trump reportedly claims that he could not have “possibly” sorted all of the documents in his possession before he left the White House.

Trump has been indicted and arranged on more than three dozen federal counts of mishandling classified documents. The former president has been accused of endangering national security for his possession of classified documents, some of which may have contained sensitive defense information, at his private residences.

In his self-defense, Trump had stated that he had intentions to source the documents, but that he didn’t have time to do it. Trump made comments during a speech that he made at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course following his arraignment.

Trump explained to his audience that the boxes discovered at Mar-A-Lago had everything from memorabilia to clothing items. The former president then explained that it was a “long” and “tedious” job to sort through all the documents, and, as a busy business executive and presidential candidate, he was not able to do this before the FBI’s search of his private residences.

As Trump defended himself in his speech, media critics called out his statements, and called them a “confession.”

As the media continued to criticize Trump’s statements, they also criticized his supporters, who they said gave Trump a “hero’s welcome,” as he returned to his golf club to deliver his campaign speech.

Trump drew criticism for celebrating his supporters in Miami, saying that he had never seen such “love” in the streets as he received from those who turned out to protest his arraignment. Media claimed that Trump’s supporters who showed up in Miami had been expected to be violent. Later, when no incidents were reported from the scene of the Miami court arraignment, media also stated that Trump’s supporter turnout had been “minuscule.”

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