Trump Said He Had Compromising Data on World Leader

Trump Said He Had Compromising Data on World Leader

Trump Reports COMPROMISING DATA on World Leader

( – Last month, the FBI made media headlines around the world when its agents descended on the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump for a surprise raid. Since then, a number of revelations have emerged about the content of the files federal agents removed from Trump’s property. One interesting nugget has just emerged regarding information he may have had about French President Emmanuel Macron.

Among the files the FBI seized was one labeled “info re: President of France,” according to a report from Rolling Stone magazine. The article quoted multiple insider sources that stated the president often boasted about having incriminating information about the French leader’s intimate relationships, during and after Trump’s stint in the White House.

This is just the latest episode in a long and contentious saga between Trump and Macron. The pair initially had a warm relationship after Trump came to power, but their ties had broken down by 2019, by which point Trump had made several critical comments about Macron that became public. The relationship never fully recovered.

It’s unclear what information Trump allegedly had on the French president. The FBI has not revealed any information about the documents they seized from Mar-a-Lago.

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