Trump Returns To New York for Pence Testimony Appeal; Deposition Over James Lawsuit

( – Former U.S. President Donald Trump was expected to return to New York City the week of April 10 to sit in court over additional legal battles. On Thursday, April 13, the former president is scheduled to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James, The Independent reported.

Trump’s supporters called for a return to Trump’s policies and an end to the “witch hunts” against him. Georgia Republican Representative Majorie Taylor Greene stated that the continued legal action against Trump had “guaranteed” him the election. However, Trump’s critics argued that Trump’s motion to appeal a Pence subpoena may have revealed his “criminal state of mind,” Salon magazine wrote.

The former president goes to court to appeal a federal judge’s subpoena of former Vice President Mike Pence, The Independent reported. Trump’s new visit to court comes one week after his previous visit to the Big Apple over the indictment brought against him by the Manhattan District Attorney.

The former president has been embroiled in legal battles previously in Manhattan after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought charges against the president related to alleged business documents fraud. While he was indicted for these accusations, Trump is not expected to return to court to testify over Bragg’s case until December of 2023.

Trump’s legal cases are being contested by opposing offices in the government. As the Manhattan D.A. moved forward with his investigation, the House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan moved to investigate the prosecution, claiming that, in his view, Alvin Bragg is interfering with a federal election. On April 11, Bragg filed a lawsuit against Jordan, claiming that his investigation into the Manhattan Trump case was a “transparent” campaign to “intimate and attack,” the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, The Hill reported.

As investigations pushed forward, those close to the former president and media personalities called out the “left-leaning” continuous witch hunts. Mark Levin, a commentator for Fox News, claimed that the Manhattan case against Trump was “tyranny.”

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