Trump Responds To Possible Legal Probe, Calls on His Supporters to “Take Nation Back”

( – Donald Trump has publicly responded to accusations made against him by former adult film star Stormy Daniels. In statements made on Truth Social over the weekend, Trump called on his supporters to protest and to “take our country back”. Trump alleged that the accusations brought against him were “illegal” and the product of a “corrupt court,” the former president wrote in a statement published on March 18.

On social media, Trump referenced the case the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has brought against him, regarding accusations that Trump paid the former adult film star “hush money” after their alleged intimate encounter. The accusations state that Trump paid the adult film star “hush money” so that she would not talk about the encounter and possibly discredit Trump’s bid for the presidential campaign of 2016.

Trump further responded to the accusations over the weekend of March 18-19, and stated that he expected to be indicted as early as Tuesday (March 21), NBC reported. Taking to his Truth Social platform on March 20, Trump stated that “Ron”, (Florida Governor Ron DeSantis) would likely “find out” about being “falsely accused” by a woman.

A Trump indictment was expected to follow testimony from Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen and Daniels. Cohen spoke with the Manhattan Criminal Court, and Daniels spoke with prosecutors via Zoom, NBC reported. Cohen admitted to giving Daniels “$130,000” to keep her from speaking about claims of an intimate encounter with the former president. The Manhattan prosecution is investigating how Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, classified the payment and then issued a reimbursement to Cohen, NBC reported.

Daniels’ accusations are “one of five” legal cases brought against Trump, NPR news reported.

Should Trump be indicted, a series of political events is expected to follow. Anticipating a riot as part of the fallout, the NYPD erected steel barriers around Manhattan’s Criminal Court on the afternoon of March 20, the National Review reported. Footage by CBS showed the steel gates going up around the courthouse following Trump’s announcement that he expected to be indicted by March 21.

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