Trump Reports Worst Border Condition in American History

Trump Reports Worst Border Condition in American History

( – President Joe Biden’s failure to contain illegal immigration along the southwest border is, by now, well-known. However, his administration has consistently failed to respond to conservative criticism and change its approach with regard to border enforcement. Former President Donald Trump recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in a post on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Trump slammed his successor over the current situation, stating it was the “worst in history” and adding that it’s “getting worse.” He highlighted his own hard-line approach to enforcement in the area and the success he had enjoyed. Trump stated he had managed to build “hundreds of miles” of border walls and noted that he had successfully implemented containment strategies like Title 42. He also stated that ICE and Border Patrol did a “tough, yet compassionate, job” in keeping undocumented migrants out of the US.

Recent statistics from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that over 283,000 migrants were encountered nationwide in November of this year, a new record. This number also represented a slight increase over the level of entries in October.

Do you think Donald Trump did a better job than President Joe Biden is doing in handling immigration challenges on the Mexican border?

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