Trump Promises to Return to the White House in 2024

Trump Promises to Return to the White House in 2024

( – Over the last year or so, the conservative community has been alive with speculation over whether former President Donald Trump will launch another bid for the White House. Trump has so far been reluctant to offer any concrete indication of what he’s thinking. However, the former president’s recent statements suggest that might be changing.

On Saturday, March 19, Trump addressed his supporters at the American Freedom Tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During his speech, he reiterated his claims the presidential election in 2020 only went to President Joe Biden because of fraud, and said he intends to take back the White House in 2024.

Trump also appealed for the continued support of everyone listening, and promised to put America first if he reclaims the presidency in two years’ time. He said his next run would see his team come back stronger than ever been before.

The poll suggests a race between Trump and Biden (who has said he’s definitely running, despite the doubts of some analysts) would be close. The incumbent is struggling with highly unfavorable ratings due to his lackluster performance on foreign military engagements, the economy, border control, and a range of other issues.

Do you think Trump will really run in 2024?

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