Trump Promises New Commission for Children’s Health

( – Former President Donald Trump, at the time of this report, continues to push ahead with the Agenda 47 campaign, with a promise for a government commission on children’s illnesses.

The new proposed commission pledges to address the sharp growth of illness and chronic health problems among American children. The Trump campaign pledges to establish a collective of “independent minds” who are free thinking and separate from the Big Pharma institution.

During his campaign messaging, the former president also reportedly stated that he would hold Big Pharma institutions accountable.

Media analysts were critical of this campaign approach by Trump. They reasoned that, as Trump came “under fire” from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he used his pharmaceutical platform to “dog whistle” to the community of American voters opposed to vaccines for the novel coronavirus. Republicans reportedly are more likely than their Democrat counterparts to be skeptical of vaccines and to refuse them, and for this reason, Republican politicians often use vaccinations and medicine as talking points of their candidacies.

Agenda 47 is the name the current Trump 2024 campaign has given to all of the campaign trail promises of the former president. At the time of this report, Trump presses forward with the Trump 2024 campaign even following recent indictments by the federal government and the state of New York.

On June 8, media reports stated that the former president had been indicted by an FBI special counsel in the case of classified documents that were found at his private residence of Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida following his departure from the Oval Office. Following this indictment, the former president released a statement to his 2024 campaign, explaining that the indictment was, in his view, yet another “witch hunt.”

Trump stated that, as President of the United States, he had the legal right to declassify certain documents. Trump argued that the indictment was nothing more than “election interference” and an attempt by what he called the “ruling party” to silence the opposition.

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