Trump News Calls Fox News a “Hostile” Network

( – During an interview with Bret Baier, former President Donald Trump expressed his ire with Fox News and called it a “hostile” network. As he called out the network, the former president reportedly “declined’ to commit to a GOP primary debate, which, at the time of this report, is scheduled for the Fox News network.

The Fox News ratings have been in decline following the decision to fire wildly popular show host Tucker Carlson. Fox accused Carlson of being in “breach of contract” and claimed that his firing did not have anything to do with controversial statements he had made regarding the allegations of election interference.

Carlson, among other Fox News hosts, reportedly made statements about the Dominion Voting Systems company, accusing the company of helping the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign to “rig” voting results. No formal evidence of these accusations emerged. Dominion Voting sued Fox News for defamation and was awarded a settlement.

To prevent further lawsuits, Fox appeared to curb its political rhetoric, which leans to the right.

Despite having appeared to curb some of its more problematic rhetoric, Fox News continues to be described by mainstream media as an “anti-woke,” right-leaning outlet. In the wake of Tucker Carlson’s firing, show host of “The Five” Greg Gutfield has been called the “bigger player” of the network, advancing his ratings to “stardom’ following Carlson’s departure.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson has resurfaced with a show on Twitter, which Twitter owner Elon Musk stated he hoped would promote political discussions on the platform.

However, Carlson’s new media endeavors have already attracted some criticism. Fox News issued Carlson a “cease and desist” letter over his show in recent weeks.

The stepson of the billionaire Hamish Harding who went missing with the submersible vessel surveying the wreckage of R.M.S. Titanic likewise had a few choice words for Carlson. Brian Szasz said in a recent Facebook post that he had been contacted by the defrocked Fox News personality and that he knew it was a “bad day” when the media personality reached out to him.

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