Trump Might Cause an “Alternate Universe” if This Happens!

The EPA Is Worried About Another Trump Term

The EPA Is Worried About Another Trump Term

( – One of the most prominent criticisms of former President Donald Trump during his time in office was that he did not sufficiently prioritize policies to protect the environment and fight climate change. Now that the former president is considering another run at the Oval Office, people are once again considering the impact he could have.

A recent report from Newsweek details the risks officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believe a second Trump presidency could create. Dan Costa, who heads the EPA’s Air, Climate and Energy Research Program, said Trump’s victory in 2024 would create an “alternate universe” for him and his colleagues. Costa explained that Trump’s focus on “unbridled profit” could only mean less prioritization of crucial environmental aims.

Officials also point to the fact that Trump’s administration drastically changed the messaging around environmental issues, even removing references to climate change from the EPA website. The former president also tried to cut the EPA budget but was prevented from doing so by Congress.

Mandy Gunasenkara, who served as the chief of staff of the EPA while Trump was in office, told Newsweek the administration promoted various environmental initiatives while also “cutting red tape and regulatory costs.”

Do you think environmental officials are right to be concerned about Donald Trump, or are they exaggerating the potential risks associated with his leadership?

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