Trump Legal Team Requests for Mistrial in E. Jean Carroll Case Denied; Testimony Resumes

( – Former President Donald Trump’s legal team made requests for a mistrial in the case of the E. Jean Carroll rape and defamation trial, but they were ultimately denied and testimony resumed on May 1, CNBC reported.

An attorney for Trump asked for a mistrial in the hearing of Carroll’s allegations, alleging that the presiding judge had made “prejudicial” rulings that were “unfair” in Trump’s case, CNBC reported. However, following the denial of this request, E. Jean Carroll returned to the witness stand to attest to her version of the alleged events, Reuters reported.

Carroll accuses Trump of having assaulted her in a dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman high-end retailer in Manhattan, New York, during the 1990s. Trump has countered Carroll’s claims, saying that she is “a liar” and that her story was “unlikely.” Trump took to Truth Social media to argue that, were he to be seen with a woman in a high-end retailer during the 90s, it would have drawn a lot of media attention. He also questioned the likelihood that he could have assaulted a woman in such a place and it had gone completely unnoticed, expressing doubts that a woman in such a situation as Carroll alleged would not “scream.” However, Carroll argued that Trump did assault her “whether she screamed or not.”

Along with allegations from E. Jean Carroll, the former president has been braced with a list of legal cases against him, spanning allegations of business document fraud, incitement of the events of January 6, 2021, and allegations of improper possession of classified documents. As his cases come to court, political analysts reason that facts of the legal proceedings could complicate the process. For example, the appointment of Judge Juan Merchan to the “hush money prosecution” could complicate legal proceedings, Joe Palazzolo analyzed for The Wall Street Journal.

Despite legal cases levied against him, Trump continues to climb in the 2024 Presidential election primary forecast polls.

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